Every Monday & Wednesday

8:10pm Dave & Busters Parking Lot (West Side, Paralell to Highlander Blvd)

425 Curtis Mathes Way Arlington, TX 76018 United States




WeRunTheHighlands is a free fitness community centered around teaching the proper techniques of running and how it can be the building block of a great fitness regime. #WRTH is open to all levels of walking/running, ages and levels of fitness.  2017 will be Highlands initial season and we aim to provide members a community people who share your passion and energy for running, walking or other exercise activities, which we hope leads to life-long friendships.


WeRunTheHighlands meet each Monday and Wednesday at Dave and Busters in The Arlington Highlands, in the parking lot on the west side of the building (runs parallel to Highlander Blvd). We meet at 8:00 to stretch, converse and answer any questions. Our first group takes off promptly at 8:30 pm. After the run we do 125 squats to finish out the night.


To suit the needs of all of our members we have 4 running groups.

Group 1 is for our POWER WALKERS, they take off first.

Group 2 is for our JOGGERS!

Group 3 is for our RUNNING group 

Please listen to your body and go up or down a group as you see fit! We’re here to have a good time, not to get hurt!

We'll be back to our regularly scheduled runs March 19th. Until then we'll be hosting a series of Popup runs. Follow us on IG for more info.
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